New media technology application and cross border development trend of stage design
Sep 14, 2018

Nowadays, it is a new direction to combine stage art and performing art creation by using new digital media technology, integrating stage performance art with new media technology creation, and organically combining multi-sensory experience and art dimension space. It not only makes the ancient stage art form coruscate new vitality, but also extends the tension of unlimited creation, and promotes the development trend of future multi-artistic cross-border cooperation.

The rapid development of industrial technology in twentieth Century laid the foundation for the creation of film art. It combines the exploration of predecessors in traditional art forms such as literature, music, dance, drama, painting, sculpture and so on, and is praised as the seventh largest art of mankind. In the 21st century, the combination of new media technology and stage art is also based on the editing and application of montage techniques in audio-visual language. Through the combination of cool stage lighting and special effect electronic music, the perfect unity of "stage cinematization" and "performance modeling" has been formed, and the unique attributes of interaction between actors and audiences.

When new media stage directors try to convey information to the audience, they do not allow the audience to watch the plot mechanically, but through comprehensive performance to stimulate the audience's sensitive nerve endings, arouse the omni-directional senses, in self-questioning, understand the rich meaning of art works, and explore in poetic narration. Inner connection. Performing artists create comprehensive stage art by presupposing the development of the plot and the needs of the plot: installing props, electronic music, sound sensors, dynamic catcher, strong light projection, computer graphics processing software system, high-tech biochemical materials and other latest scientific and technological achievements. And through the on-site control: sound, light, electricity, film, sound, gas and other ancillary equipment superposition processing, director transfer and stage scheduling, ingeniously combining technology and performers. Under the strong support of current science and technology, this is a brand-new stage performance mode developed to refresh the audience.

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