New navigation age of cultural industry
Sep 07, 2018

The changing cultural outlook

Li Xiaofei, general manager of Xinyi Culture, said that under the foothold of socialist core values and the inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional culture, the cultural industry will have a more prominent development trend - the development and application of new technologies such as mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and VR, which will give literary and artistic works, cultural products creation, presentation and dissemination. With more innovation and breakthroughs, flexible and innovative use of these new technologies, and a good Chinese story, we will surely be able to usher in great development in the next five years. Secondly, "cultural +" cross-industry integration will become a wider trend of development, will also become a good measure to promote and inherit the socialist core values and excellent traditional Chinese culture.

Zhang Yuanlin, CEO of Beijing Qiancheng Investment Management Co., Ltd., predicts that in the next five years, the cultural industry will further open up its own industrial scale constraints, in-depth integration with other industries, and open up a broader space for its own growth. It can be predicted that more excellent cultural products with Chinese cultural style and strong market influence will be created for China and the world. In addition, design, IP operation, digital marketing and other cultural services will enter all walks of life, to provide support for the upgrading of various industries. Industrial information and knowledge services will become an inexhaustible driving force for technological research and development, product innovation and service upgrading in all walks of life. Educational products and knowledge consumption will be more easily accessible to the public and become an important support for improving people's work skills and creating happiness.

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