Some basic lighting designs
Jul 12, 2018

1. Reduce meaningless lighting, highlight a part, improve the ambient atmosphere and visibility to highlight the overall lighting effect, and recognize shadows and darkness.

2. The lighting method and method vary with the type of light source. Buildings and lighting fixtures

The different materials used can reflect, transmit, and refract the brilliance emitted by the light source, thereby greatly changing the nature of the light emitted by the light source.

3. The application of the secondary light source, the reflection and transmission make the surface of the object to be illuminated a light source, and the different secondary materials are different for different materials and different light sources.

4, the application of high-light, refers to the spotlights and other objects to be reflected by the illuminated object, more prominent than the surrounding bright, better visual effect.

5. Under any circumstance, the light of the lighting fixture cannot directly enter the human eye.

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