What are the LED lamp head classifications?
Jul 12, 2018

LED fluorescent lamp manufacturers also produce a variety of LED lamp heads. LED fluorescent lamp heads are known to be a kind of accessories that can be used in homes or shopping malls. Its application rate is very wide, and its industry is caused by outstanding energy-saving advantages. The country attaches great importance to it, and the LED lamp head should be the most used LED fluorescent lamp.

The LED fluorescent lamp head is the plug at the two ends of the lamp tube. Some LED lamp heads need to be equipped with power supply, and then the lamp tube is covered on both sides. This is also a very important accessory. The LED lamp heads are classified into: flat mouth, residual oblique port, rotation, etc. Different customers have different special requirements for it, such as flat, oblique, and rotating. Various requirements will be available, but the commonly used flat LED heads.

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