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How To Repair Stage Lighting Equipment?
Jul 12, 2018

The life of lighting equipment is largely determined by the quality of maintenance. The maintenance of lighting equipment is trivial. Basically, routine inspections every day, weekly inspections, monthly equipment maintenance and proper commissioning.

1: Half an hour before the opening, all the settings are turned on - low temperature preheating, and all equipment and wiring are detected at the same time. The low temperature state means that the light is slightly bright.

2: After preheating for 15 minutes, all the devices will be reset to zero, so that the device can dissipate heat and the heat dissipation time is no less than fifteen minutes.

3: After cooling, you can formally enter the stage of music performance.

4: At the end of the performance, after the guest leaves the room, the lighting engineer should turn off all equipment and let the equipment dissipate heat for fifteen to twenty minutes, then seal or mask the equipment before the lighting engineer can leave.

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